• Peter Jaysin

Kidd Kenn - Oh Shit (Official Video)

I may be slightly late on discovering the next LGBTQ rapper from Chicago but we don't keep secretes here at NMV. Kidd Kenn caught my attention last week with the FBG Duck remix to the breakout song "Slide", where Kenn spits some very provocative lyrics. My first thought was WHOA!

Coming from the south side of Chicago, 79th street to be precise, gives Kidd Kenn the authenticity to do things other artist can only dream of. Kidd Kenn is a triple threat, check out his latest "Oh Shit" video produced by YaYo Beats below. Rumor has it DJ Reese (Tink, Lil Durk) has been in talks with Kidd Kenn, so be on the look out as there is no stopping in site!

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