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Chicago based Label The Lizm Muzik Group lands Distribution Deal with SYMPHONIC

(Chicago, IL) The Lizm Muzik Group started in 2012 with only a single act growing into over 10 musical clients, producers, songwriters and more. After getting their feet wet in the local scene, The Lizm Muzik Group landed a major distribution deal with Symphonic.

Symphonic is a 100% independent company that offers full-service distribution, marketing, royalty collection, and more for record labels, artists, managers, and distributors. They have offices in Brooklyn, Nashville, Tampa, Denver, and Bogota, Colombia. Symphonic roster includes major acts such as Black Thought, Stick Figures, Alok and now The Lizm Muzik Group. The multi- genre label consists of a range of sounds including Jazz, Neo Soul, Punk, Conscious Hip-Hop, R&B, Progressive and more.

The Lizm Muzik Group takes on the family style of artist development, management services, songwriting, producing and booking. They recently landed client Bianca Shaw and has plans to expand while prepping for their first initial compilation project showcasing the artist they represent. Short for professionalism and realism, LIZM uses creative avenues to express their message of peace, unity, and love for all people. In the coming weeks, they will be releasing new singles from artist Goose Wayne, T-Roc, Leaire and more leading up to their debut compilation album in early 2020.

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