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Briana Kapone "Pink Cocaine" Official Music Video | Shot by Ryder Visuals

Briana Kapone did not come to play at all, writing and directing her first visual "Pink Cocaine." Another hit shot by Ryder Visuals, "Pink Cocaine" is a movie coming from yet another talented artist based in Chicago. I saw this one as a mix of "Set It Off," "New Jack City," and "Paid in Full," it was very well thought out and perfectly executed.

"He in love with the pink cocaine, lay on my back and watch him do his thing," said Kapone, so you can just guess what type of drug she talking about, "This thing is a drug so don't fall in love, and don't hit me up if you doing too much" she continued at the end. The contrast of the visual's plot and songs meaning is my favorite part, they relate in some parts while still telling two different stories, and that is what makes it so cold to me.

This is my new favorite most definitely, but check it out and let us know what you think!

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