• Peter Jaysin

BandMan Kevo has Labels in a Frenzy

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Most know Bandman Kevo from his Baller in Me single back in 2014 or his collabs with Souja Boy and Z Money. Others know Kevo from his online beef with DJ Akademiks over his charges of bank fraud that he just served 3 years in federal prison for. BandMan Kevo has been locked in the studio when he isn't doing club appearances since he has been home the last 2 weeks.

Kevo just recently sat down with an exclusive interview with Say Cheese to discuss his stint in jail and also being a "Scam Rapper" which Kevo respectfully claims, and drops some gems about money management.

On the flip side, labels seem to be in heavy pursuit of BandMan Kevo, Warner and Sony to be rumored as the front runners. If your watching Kevo's social media you will also see that he is offering a 1 million dollar deal himself to an artist to sign to his BandKlan team, which naturally has artists rapping to Kevo literally every day on his IG live segments. Stay tuned for music from BandMan and CB Mix, which I already heard and you know is extra spicy with mild sauce.

The future is bright for BandMan Kevo and stay tuned to No More Vinyl for more updates on BandMan Kevo.

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