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ApolloSoGodly ft. Chanelle Tru "Undergrad" (Official video)

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

ApolloSoGodly and Chanelle Tru link for Apollo's latest single "Undergrad." D1CMG artist Apollo brings out a lot of familiar faces as he recreates the story of a high school crush we can all relate to, Shot by Diamond Visuals. This was more than your average music video, the vision was executed immaculately and I know the word "movie" is over used now but this was exactly that, a very well thought out 3 min featured film.

"Shorty bad she on the come up, undergrad she on the come up," Apollo goes on the catchy hook.

This is definitely my favorite video so far this year, as the visual was on point with the song and not just one of those shaky frame, "oh this looks like a good spot" type of videos. Chanelle being the perfect co-star for this one-- she and Apollo keep it pretty LiTTY from start to finish. This one is for sure a hit, but what do I know? Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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