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2State: Leading the New Detroit

Since dropping his debut project, PIPED, 2State has dived headfirst into Detroit’s rap scene and continued to make a name for himself. The Detroit born, Atlanta raised rapper (hence, 2State) has continued to woo fans with his hard-hitting punchlines and assortment of flows. Residing in the dog-eat-dog world of Detroit’s underground rap circuit, 2State’s blend of Atlanta’s “sauce” and the Motor City’s grit places him atop the totem pole of the D’s “next-to-blow” artists.

Coming from Atlanta’s atmosphere of camaraderie and abundance, Detroit’s struggle to find mainstream success outside of Eminem and Big Sean is a hurdle 2State shows no fear to jump. Working across the city with artists like Doughboyz Cashout and Babyface Ray has allowed him to escape the “crabs in a bucket” mentality that seems to taint the city. In a city where success stories are few, 2State’s Atlanta upbringing has helped him bridge the gap between the D’s competitive emcees.

2State’s versatility affords him the freedom to flourish in any crowd. Anthems like Imported from the D show Detroit’s gutter mentality with lyrics like “know I got it they won’t give it to me we’ll f*** around & take it”; while one-liners like “I never needed you” from Dior give a glimpse at the emotional rollercoaster he puts into his music; both lines embodying the spirit of his clothing brand #SURElife, based out of Atlanta.

“SURElife is the f****** world” 2State replies when asked of the clothing brand. “The idea behind SURElife is just the confidence I have in myself and the people around me. Confidence in what you believe in. Confidence through all the politics, knowing you’re supposed to be here and what you’re doing is right. I’m ‘sure’ of all this.” His mentality with #SURElife surely stems from his upbringing. “My music is ‘no cap’. When I write, I don’t feel like I’m rapping, I’m just harmonizing my life story. Everything I say is real. I’m telling a story that just so happens to rhyme.”

2State has performed at a variety of venues from the Imported from the D showcase in Detroit to opening for Curren$y at the Cannabis Now show in Austin, Texas. He is releasing an EP this month and following up with a new album in June. In the meantime, be sure to check out his debut project, PIPED, and follow him @2statemeech on IG. The sky is the limit for 2State, and his big splash in Detroit is sure to turn into a huge wave across the country in 2020.

JR Ellis @94Doughboy

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